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"Hard Bounce" message


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    Hi Linda! Happy to chat through the Hard Bounced label here.

    The Hard Bounced label was released into Keela a few months ago. The label has been applied automatically to any Contacts who have ever experienced a Hard Bounce. It's certainly possible that this Hard Bounce occurred previously, but your Contact has since started receiving our emails (most likely after they ensured that your messages are marked as "not spam" in their inbox). You'll be able to confirm this by looking at the Interactions tab of your Contact - here, you can check what emails have been Delivered.

    You can learn more about the Hard Bounced label and what it means here.

    We also have an article that talks through some suggested actions to take whenever a Hard Bounce label is applied to a Contact (including how to remove it here).

    If you have any questions about a specific Contact, please feel free to reach out to We'll be happy to take a look!

    Keela Customer Care

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