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  • Official comment

    Hello Emma,

    Happy First Post - and what a brilliant first question!

    You're absolutely right. While the Knowledge Base is a work of art... it's very detailed and it's easy to get lost in all of that information when you're new to it.

    Not to worry! Within the Knowledge Base is an entire section devoted to folks who are new to an existing organization at Keela. You can find three articles in our Joining an Existing Organization section here. 

    These articles provide:

    • A brief introduction to the Keela system - What is Keela, how do you access it, a 15 minute tour of the system
    • A quick summary of each tool within the Keela system - Including links to any relevant articles
    • In my role I need too - The final article is my favorite one! It allows your team members to run through a list of all of the major tasks/roles that Keela can be used for, quickly access articles and even provides question prompts for other team members to get up to speed!

    I think that a combination of these three articles would be a perfect place to start for someone who is new or finds themselves logging into Keela sporadically.

    If you have any suggestions for items that we can add, we'd love to hear them!

    Director of Customer Care

  • Emma

    Thanks Elsie - I'll check those articles out!


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