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Changing the email that accompanies a receipt



  • Official comment
    Nicole Kolkman

    Hi Toni (& Keela Community)!

    You can manage your Acknowledgement Letters & Emails, which accompany your automated receipts, in your Organization Settings > Receipts & Emails Tab! 

    Have a great day!

  • Toni Durant

    Thanks. I've looked under there at the receipt, and because we aren't sending a letter with it, I don't need to look under letters.... so I am not sure where to change the email content for the receipt only.

  • Nicole Kolkman

    Hi Toni,

    Email content (along with printed acknowledgement letters) is housed under the Acknowledgement Letter section in the Receipts & Emails Tab. I've recorded a brief video on my test account to show you where this is located: click here to watch.




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