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Paypal order details



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    Heya Christi!

    Thanks for commenting here. We've taken this question offline and reached out to you from to help unpack these queries.


    Thanks for your flexibility :)


    Customer Care

  • Lin Katzenstein

    Has this issue been fixed? We are new to Keela and would need to maintain our current form provider if the items purchased on PayPal will not be recognizable on our PayPal receipts, spreadsheets, etc.


  • Christi Willis | AWARE

    Lin Katzenstein The issue has not been fixed. This is the manual work around provided by Keela:


    Travis Kuhne (Keela Knowledge Base)

    May 6, 2022, 11:13 PDT

    Depending on how you've configured your Keela Forms, you will be able to track the nature of Contacts' Transactions by looking at their Transactions/Contact Profiles within Keela (eg. you can see which Form a Transaction was processed through, any notes the donor shared, etc.). To address your examples, here is how one could track them:

    • Did a Member purchase a new annual membership?
      • If Contacts renew their annual memberships, then the renewed Membership will be shown on their Contact Profile & their payment Transaction will be recorded with the Category set as "Membership". They similarly will have an Interaction which will show when they renewed their Membership on the relevant date.
    • Did a Member purchase a Garden Box?
      • If you configure your Form to allow donors to donate toward different products (using Impact Areas, which you've assigned with product names), then you can immediately see from the Transaction what they were donating toward within the Impact Area property. The Transaction in Keela will capture this information, if you configure the Form properly to capture that sort of data.
    • Did a Member Book Out Volunteer Hours
      • You can track Members' volunteer hours through the Volunteering tab on the Contact Profile, and can also design Custom Keela Forms to capture information from recipients for any field you wish (even Custom Fields which you've created).
    If you approach these Transaction questions by looking within Keela, then you are likely to find explanations for each of the Transactions. 
    RE: PayPal, adding PayPal field buttons to Keela Forms is not possible at the current time, and the Transaction data shared from Keela to PayPal is limited to the Full Name property and the Email property only (this is the data that PayPal accepts from Keela). I have taken your feedback internally and have spoken directly with the Product Team about this, and their best-recommendation for reconciliation is to run an export and compare the aforementioned fields. The Product Team also will continue to work with PayPal to grow the amount of data that is shared through the integration. 
  • Nicole Kolkman

    Hi Liz,
    Thank you for reaching out for an update. At the moment, transactions sent from Keela into Paypal can be reconciled using Full Name and Email Address. Our Product Team definitely understands the value of sending more information to PayPal to support reconciliation and have it on their list to brainstorm! We recommend voting on this Idea in our Product Portal and adding the additional note for "PayPal" when voting. This way our Product Team is up to speed on users' needs and use cases. 
    We are an ever-evolving platform, so stay tuned for nifty enhancements to come 🚀 

  • Laura Grzybowski

    As a new Keela user, we are currently facing the same difficulty. I will try the workaround but it would be great if something more clear cut and user-friendly was happening. 


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