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Export selection



  • Stefania Bracho Liberatore

    Hi Lachlan, 

    Thanks for your question!

    When you export a tag, it will export all of the contacts on the tag so it will not only grab the contacts that you are selecting. That is why you are getting all of the contacts on the export. 

    You could add those contacts to a new tag and then export it from there so you could only get the contacts that have been selected. 

    Hope that helps!


  • Lachlan Williams

    Thanks Stefania.

    I was actually hoping to export them from a selection so that I could bulk add them to a new tag - I'm not able to do this from within an existing tag in the "ACTIONS" menu!

    My intuitive expectation was that making a selection and hitting "export" would either export only the selection or would ask whether I wanted to export the tag or the selection so I was surprised when it exported the entire tag.

    Realise this is a problem we would not have run into if we had structured our data before *before* importing 10k contacts but we are where we are now!


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