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Tax Receipts printed in 2022 for 2021


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    Nicole Kolkman

    Hi Karina,

    My name is Nicole and I'm a member of Keela's Customer Care Team! Keela's tax receipts include two dates: 

    1. The date the receipt was issued
    2. The date the donation was received by your organization

    As long as you indicate the correct "Date Received" while logging the transactions, this will be included on the tax receipt. Just make sure to keep an eye on this, as Keela will default to the date the transaction is being manually logged. If you opt to import these transactions, make sure you indicate the "Date Received" according to our Formatting Guidelines.

    Here is an example of the two dates on our test receipt:

    I hope this provides a bit of clarification! Have a great day. 😊


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