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Keela changing their tune?


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    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for your feedback - I'm very glad to hear that you find our support to be the best you've ever seen.

    While the Customer Care team are absolute experts when it comes to the Keela system, we aren't able to provide advice on how your nonprofit should function. Instead, we leave this up to the true industry experts - nonprofit consultants, fellow nonprofits, your country's governing body or tax professionals.


    While we are able to provide you with detailed definitions of what a Revenue or Donation is in Keela, we can't tell you what categories your own nonprofit payments fall into. That's where your expertise lies! 

    We go absolutely above and beyond to answer all questions we can - we have detailed articles, personalized training videos and a variety of ways that you can reach out to us - as long as it's a question about Keela. 

    If you are looking for advice on your fundraiser we have a bunch of Keela nonprofit consultants who are qualified to provide this.

    I've also re-included resources about how each of these categories work in Keela below - this way you can read through each option and determine which fits into your own fundraiser the best.

    • Donations vs Revenues - Read this to get a really strong understanding about the differences between each transaction type in Keela. If you're not sure what transaction type your fundraising payments fall into, try speaking to a tax professional or accountant who is able to give this financial advice
    • Log a Revenue Payment / Category - Read this to get some examples of how each Category can be used so that you can make decisions about your fundraiser. If you need further advice, you can chat to a nonprofit consultant who is qualified to review your fundraiser and provide this.

    Finally, you can always ask advice from your fellow nonprofits here or online. There are quite a few Facebook Groups where nonprofits share advice!


    Ultimately, our support team are here and ready to help with any of your Keela related questions. We look forward to continuing to provide with the best service!



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