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Bequests - entering in Keela,


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    Nicole Kolkman

    Hi Janet,

    My name is Nicole and I'm a part of Keela's Customer Care Team!

    While we do have some official guidance on how to deal with Deceased Contacts, this pertains specifically to more day-to-day donor management (ex. Outgoing communications). Our customers really vary in how they choose to manage these contacts. Some create Company Contacts (ex. Estate of Donor), while others simply indicate this in the First Name field for an Individual Contact. Since there are no other donor details or donor management related to this contact, it will depend on how your organization prefers to indicate this in Keela. I'd keep in mind some of your current reporting use-cases (ex. do you regularly report on donation transactions from Company and Individual Contacts separately?) to best inform your decision. Either way, contact profiles can always be edited if you choose to change your mind! 


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