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Gift e-cards



  • Official comment
    Nicole Kolkman

    Hi Steve, 

    This is Nicole from Keela's Customer Care team! 

    Thank you so much for reaching out. Keela's current Integrations are: Xero, Cardin, Eventbrite, QuickBooks Online, Mailchimp, SendGrid, PayPal, and Stripe. For any additional integrations you would like to request, we recommend adding your suggestion to our Product Portal for our Product Team to review. That said, there is currently an Idea under consideration for a Zapier Integration, which may suit your needs. You can add your vote to that Idea by clicking here. Thanks for your ideas 💡​ 

    Let me know if you have any questions. 



  • Steve Duncan

    Hmmm.  Okay.  So in order to sell "Giving Gifts" we would have to:

    - Create a separate shopping cart on the website and integrate that to Stripe.

    - Use an e-card webservice to send the e-card to the recipient upon successful checkout.

    Once that's done since there would be no integration we would have to manually enter each sale into Keela to record the donation and send the charitable receipt.

    Any ideas on how to make that easier?

  • Nicole Kolkman

    Hi Steve,

    I'd recommend exporting the transactional data from those external platforms. Once this data has been exported, you could then Import all of the transactions in bulk! This would save you the tedious task of manually recording each transaction. 

    The linked Knowledge Base article walks through the process step-by-step! If you require any assistance throughout the way, or have any follow-up questions, the Customer Care Team ( will be there to help.😊



  • Daniel Gara

    Any update on this? It seems to be a very good idea to more fully integrate a service like this. Has anyone out there found a decent workaround for this need?

  • Stefania Bracho Liberatore

    Hey Daniel,

    Our Product Team is continuing to work on our Zapier integration which could help with something like this! We are looking into releasing that next year.




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