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Test Mode for Stripe



  • Official comment
    Maggie Dubyk

    Hi Andrew!

    Thanks so much for posting. At the moment, it is not possible to test transactions through Keela's forms. What you could do is make as little as a $1 donation to test the form if you'd like!

    Moving forward, feel free to add the idea to be able to test forms to our Product Portal for our Product Team to review. You can add a new idea submission by clicking + Submit Idea in the top-right corner of the link provided. For more information on how to log a new idea as well as Keela's process of reviewing and evaluating idea submissions, head to our article on Requesting Ideas in Keela.

    We look forward to hearing your ideas Andrew!


  • Andrew Vezina

    Thanks Maggie.  Good to know, as I thought I just could not figure it out.  We got everything working and received our first form submission yesterday - and it worked!


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