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How to log Corporate Matching donations?


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    Maggie Dubyk

    Hi Alice,

    Great question and we are so glad you posted your inquiry in our community channel for others to learn from 😊​ 

    We suggest that you log the transaction under the contact record that you would prefer to issue a receipt to. If you'd like to issue the receipt to the corporation, then perhaps logging it under to the corporation would be best in this case. 

    If you know who the original contact was that the corporation is matching, you can add that contact as a 'soft credit' on the transaction record. For more information on this, head to View and Edit Transaction Details which will inform you how to update the 'soft credit' field on a transaction. 

    As for whether to log a donation or revenue, we suggest reaching out to a professional accountant about this to ensure that you are meeting compliance. In general, you can find out more about the difference between donations and revenues in our article on Donations vs Revenues.

    We hope this helps Alice! 

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