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Customize a Custom Form



  • Onboarding Team

    Hello Robert! Thanks for your question. Apologies for the delay in our reply. I had accidentally turned notifications off - D'oh!

    There are a couple of different places in Keela where Custom Fields are present and I'm not sure which one you're after here. Just to be safe, I'll answer both and hope I hit the nail on the head :)

    (1) How to add more questions to a Custom Form (on top of the questions that it already comes with)

    You can add as many questions to your Keela Forms as you like and Custom Forms are no exception. You can find details on how to do this in this article: Customizing Your Custom Form - Adding Questions and Form Fields.

    (2) How to add more Custom Fields to your Keela account that can be stored on Contact's profiles or added to your Custom Form as questions.

    You can find detailed instructions on how to do this in this article: Custom Fields

    Let me know if I've missed something - always happy to provide more details!

  • Robert Bosserman


    Thank you.  With regard to #2 above, let's say I create  a custom field with a multiple choice, multi-select indicating a volunteer's area of interest. I enter it in, say, 7 contacts.  Could I then search my entire contact data base for, again say, reception desk or outreach calls?  Further "outreach" calls on Thursdays or Fridays?

  • Onboarding Team

    Hiya Robert,

    Aha! Option #2.

    Yes, you definitely could! There are heaps of different ways that you can Filter your Contacts by these Custom Fields. You could search for only Contacts with specific responses in that field. You could also search for only Contacts who have a response in that field (regardless of what it is!). 

    This has given me an idea for a Filtering training video! I'll work on this tomorrow and share it with you here once it's published.

    Thanks for the inspiration! Let me know if you need any more info.

  • Onboarding Team

    Hi Robert,

    I've finished compiling together some Training Resources for Filters. Thank you again for giving me the idea for this, I appreciate it. 

    Here are the new resources:

    You can see a demonstration of how you can filter by Custom Fields (ie. those Fields that are completed through a Custom Form) right in the training video.

    Thanks again, this was so helpful for me!



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