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Donor Experience Week 2020



  • Sam Lego

    Maureen's session to kick things off was a doozy! There was a lot I learned about the power of P2P, and those Facebook stats - even if they were a little old - are impressive. $3 billion raised in P2P on Facebook? Wow!

  • Sam Lego

    Wow! Karen's session was mindblowing. Lots of juicy data to digest.

    📱 50% of all website traffic is visiting from a mobile device

    📱 But only 9% are converting

    📱 However, 45% of conversions from computers actually happened after people interacted on mobile first

    The takeaway? We need to continue to interact with people on mobile in the best way possible and not discontinue the low conversion metrics. Especially when you consider those mobile conversion percentages are rising.

  • edna meza aguirre

    Really appreciate Jude's presentation! Progressive, informative & succinct.  Thanks again, Edna Meza Aguirre JD, CFRE

  • Mel Bilko

    Speaking of Jude's webinar... they sent over a few additional resources:


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