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Introductions to the staff at Keela



  • Alex Gladley

    Hello friends,

    My name is Alex. I hail from the UK but I've also lived in Australia and New Zealand before settling here in Canada. On a normal day you can find me chatting to nonprofit professionals about their fundraising plans, or their general day to day activities so that we can look for improvements. 

    I love working in this space, it's amazing to see all of our nonprofit partners grow and succeed. I take pride in knowing that we can make our partners lives easier and that they can really concentrate on the work that matters for their nonprofit. 

    Let's connect! If you have any questions about Keela, want a chat (or a quick joke!), you can give me a call on 1 888 585 3352 ext. 803. You can also email me at



  • Sam Lego

    Hey everyone! 

    My name is Sam, I'm Keela's Marketing Director. 

    If you've attended any of our webinars or virtual events like Plugged In, you might've seen me sneaking around in the back end of Zoom, answering all your questions. If not, well then, drop in and say hi! 

    I joined Keela back in December of 2019 when I moved back after four years of living in Australia. While I've definitely lost my tan, I haven't lost any of the slang or the sense of humour. Often you can find Elsie and I bantering in a corner and having a yarn (as she says). Since I joined the team, we've launched our new iteration of Keela 2.0, hosted a few big virtual events, and typed our little tooshies off to keep up with Keela's Blog. It's been a blast being able to create content and resources that I know help make a difference in your day-to-day work. My last name is Lego, and I strive to add the building blocks required to best educate and empower the amazing organizations we work with.

    If you ever want us to focus on a certain area, create a specific worksheet or guide that will help you out, just let me know. You can email me at any time at I love getting to know more about you and your mission. 

  • Peter Craigen

    Hello Keela Family! 

    My name is Peter Craigen and I have been working on Keela's Sales Team for over 3 years now. Having a chance to speak with thousands of nonprofit professionals about their challenges with technology has certainly shaped my perspective and provided some thorough insights into what is working for the sector and what isn't. 

    In my 3 years at Keela, we have grown from a single room office (with no windows by the way) to an incredibly high functioning team of almost 30 employees. We also went from a beta-version of our platform to having thousands of nonprofit professionals using our tools every single day! 

    I spend most of my day chatting with prospective Keela customers to answer their general and technical questions and to ensure a good fit any time we recommend our platform. I also perform product demos to show our prospective customers what their organization would be like if they switched to Keela. 

    If you are considering switching to Keela, don't hesitate to email me at or call toll free at 1 888 585 3352 ext. 801. 




  • Thomas

    Hey there!

    My name is Laura and I’m a Customer Success Manager here at Keela. 

    I’ve just celebrated my one year anniversary here at Keela (pls send wine to celebrate) but I’ve always had a passion for helping others get the most out of products and technology. I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity at Keela to help nonprofits leverage our technology, so they can focus on their missions.

    Here at Keela, I dabble in support queue, help out new customers with their onboarding journeys and work behind the scenes on resources, to empower our customers to get the most out of Keela.

    Outside of Keela, I relish in all the outdoor activities that Vancouver has to offer. I'm an all-season outdoors enthusiast and enjoy backpacking, kayaking, road cycling, snowboarding and everything in between. Wish me luck in my new endeavour - mountain biking!

    Reach out to myself and other members of the Customer Success team at We love to hear how we can support you and your mission through Keela!

  • Onboarding Team

    G'day G'day!

    My name is Elsie Coffey (no relation to the beverage) - I'm on the Customer Success team, too.

    I'm an Aussie but have been living in Vancouver for a bit over 2 years now. I had to leave my home country after a very intense altercation with a kangaroo, crocodile, great white shark and, funnel-web spider (that's right - just when you thought spiders couldn't get any scarier they start building creepy tunnels).

    My favorite things to do are have yarns with Sam about the good ol' days Down Under, learn new things about history/art/food/culture through travel, and read Fantasy Fiction novels about Ancient Greece (Odysseus forever!).

    I will have been working at Keela for two years in September (time flies!). It's been the most exhilarating, laughter-filled two years of my life. I've made so many cool friendships with our users over the years and I love finding new ways to support and grow nonprofits!

    I love answering questions so if you ever have any feel free to post them in the Community or send them through to us at

    I'm so excited to be a part of this Community. The nonprofit world is so much better when we band together to learn, express, and excite.

    I look forward to joining in with the conversations!



    P.S Here's a picture of me living my best life the time we volunteered for one of our customers, Backpack Buddies!


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