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Printing acknowledgement letters?


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  • Claudia Hundloe

    Hi Laura, I see you sent this 4 months ago but if you're manually putting in cash/cheque or card donations you have the option under 'receipting' to 'Generate receipt and letter from print and mail'. Clicking that and continuing with the gift details and then when submitted click on the receipt and letter to download and print as you would. 

    To help me out, I also created an automation to set a 'to-do' reminder to download and print the receipts if I've had to do many transactions at once. The to-do is triggered if the donor doesn't have an email so it isn't triggering for every gift. 

    If your also saying they are donating online and would like a mailed receipt in addition to the email, you can go into the transaction on their profile and download and print the receipt/letter. 

    I hope this helps!


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