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Where is the "Submit" button on a membership form?



  • Stefania Bracho Liberatore

    Hey Ellen,

    Thanks for sending your question!

    There is no submit button as the button at the bottom will be for their payment. Once they have filled out everything and selected the membership plan at the bottom, they can proceed for the payment at the bottom of the page. 

    If that's not what you see, do you mind sharing more details for us? Alternatively, you can send us an email to 



  • Ellen Clague

    Thanks Stefania!

    I realized my mistake was that the form was linked to a membership plan I had deleted  - because when the Keela team imported our contacts they created a new membership plan. So, I deleted the original one I made but forgot to link the new membership plan with the form. Once I remembered to do that, everything works perfectly. :)

    Thank you!


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